Finally for Eyes That Are Not Our Own

Whilst standing in front of actual eyes on our project, it truly made the public feeling of the project present in our eyes. Now it wasn’t our little baby that we’ve been catering to for the last few weeks, but the project we have built it to be through many hours of collaborative work. And yet, the days have passed so quickly that it only felt like yesterday that we were even learning to handle Timeline JS. I only hope that we can all progressively recognize the progress we have made, as it can translate in a much more affirmed delivery of the project.

The presentation practice itself was not a nerve-racking thing; but wishing to represent everything we have found and produced within a 5 to 7 minute span was very much a challenge. Throughout this process each group member has become further endeared to the project by means of nuanced and interesting findings as well as mutual group excitement over the progress that we have made. Our greatest hope is to be able to translate this excitement to our audience.

Going forward, my hopes is to use this passion and excitement to give a much stronger presentation that will grab the attention of the (hopefully) bigger audience in the actual launch. One step this will include is limiting discussion to that which is essential to understanding the message and extended goal which we hope this project will portray; primarily through less discussion of problems and a much earlier exposure of project aim and extended relevance to modern society. Our secondary task is to highlight more of our compassionate (but relevant) interests of the project so that the audience is more captured and we have the capability of more confidently presenting our information.

One fact we have all acknowledged though is a lot of practice is in our future 🙂

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