The Curtain is Far From Closed

Ah how the days are fleeting-but only because it is exciting! The Ursinus Curtain Club project is beginning to take shape, with a great deal of uploads and dynamic color schemes to make it look all shiny and new. Just this week the group had the opportunity of presenting current information and progress to the professors and other groups, which has only further helped us in terms of molding what we wish to present to our audience. Through the actual experience of providing our personal insight first-hand we as a group were able to more clearly see what aspects we wished to improve, chiefly through the use of more secondary sources to give much larger societal context to the narrative which we are finding.

Entering the writing part of the project has all caused us to stop and see what relevance we have been finding throughout our research. Just the other day, Sophia had found through an old publication of the Ruby that the true date of the Curtain Clubs founding was earlier than our previous date (was around 1930s originally, but the Ruby stated 1925), but a separate publication mentioned the starting of the club around the 1930s. And while this may be seen as a simple date change, we have to question why record was not kept for this gap and what this means for the maintenance and regard of the club at the time.

Below is an image of our title card for the project. Though it may just appear as an extremely uniform (and lordy did I try to keep that uniform) compilation of playbills, it is all too indicative of the understanding we have of the Curtain Club in the last few weeks of searching and scanning. We want to do our best to provide the clearest narrative possible for our audience; to answer all the questions that we have ourselves. And even as we gain more info and mess with the lines to see how things fit right exactly where, it is important to not lose sight in the bigger relevance of the dissonant information and data changes. The difference between 1925 and 1930 could mean a lot more than just 5 years.

Title Card

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