The Scale of Our Personal Media

At the moment I live in a semi paradoxical state.

Throughout this past year I have gained a predisposition to try things which put me out of my comfort zone. Several misguided attempts to push my social boundaries and countless recuperation nights later I wound up running two different organizations’ social media accounts.

In my consideration of how I personally represent myself on social media, however, I am unjustifiably lacking in presence and know-how. Understanding this contradicting concept, I question what exactly is the divide which creates comfort with the responsibility of two separate organizational social media accounts and presences, while there is also discomfort at the aspect of projecting an image personally.

To this, I consider a classroom discussion on the development of social media as a means of personal branding and the integral dimensions of image that contributes to a social media presence. The immense accessibility of the internet is something to both celebrate and be wary of. I by no means insinuate that there should not be transparency in a social media presence, but more an awareness of the reception of how a person or company presents themselves on such an open forum. Inherently the discussion and discourse which a person provides through opinion or comment on the internet invariably contributes to the outside understanding and perspective of that personality, ultimately branding said personality.

I then return to my personal consideration, and hope to better understand how I would like to move forward on my historical project as an extension of my own personal experience of social media. I find I may feel uncomfortable to establish a larger personal social media presence because I have loose definitions of what I wish my brand to be; that I am much more comfortable at the prospect of representing the two organizations that I do because they have relatively established boundaries and expectations for the presence which they want to show to the public. I however, feel I must understand myself and my values better before I strive to properly represent myself.

Following this personal evaluation, I find this incredibly significant to my history project. Similar for my wishes for my own appearance, I wish to better understand that which I am discussing prior to establishing a presence or project that I will proscribe to know. This is incredibly important in the respect of having a dimensional approach for my topic, and consuming multiple perspectives and voices surrounding the topic to best represent what I and my partners are trying to say.

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