Digital Humanities and Philly History

The Philly History Archive serves as a relatively large-scale collection of relevant historical artifacts, documents, and data. The website itself is particularly simple in terms of aesthetics; the home page is adorned with one rotating image to circulate featured articles, and the rest of the site is sprinkled with announcements pertaining to the site and any of its related organizations. This particular Philadelphia archive is consistent with (but not for lack of appreciation of) the strong relationship between most digital humanities archives and a mode of blogging. A running narrative of the actions and progress of the archive and its related historians creates a sense of involvement that does a far greater service of providing an outlet for public interest. An archive could stop at the compilation of relevant historical artifacts, but an interactive and consistently modernizing blog in association with the archive builds the sense of historical community that can nurture a further developing archive.
The interactivity factor, however, adequately supports the viewer base that this particular archive might appeal to. Considering that this archive compiles based upon the broad topic of the city of Philadelphia, it is reasonable to assume that the archive expects a relatively heavy amount of traffic for a relatively high amount of compiled data. The main source of interactivity within the site is consistent of the updated blog and information/news that updates on the home page of their website. In a lower traffic situation, the site may benefit from a focused article on a specific section of the archive that utilizes a more involved interactive factor. The higher volume assumed in this situation however leads to a broader viewer-based approach that wishes to get as many eyes on as many articles. Similar in this trend is the apparent argument or purpose of the site, as it follows a more generalized goal of providing comprehensive access to the history of Philadelphia. The sites availability of the information only emphasizes the significance on part of dedicated historians to evaluate and interpret the collections of information that archives provide.
Site Referenced:
“Philadelphia City Archive”. Philly History. Accessed September 5, 2018.

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